The Heart Stompers (formerly Gina Dalmas & The Cow Tippin’ Playboys) reach deep into the roots of country music but end up making magic of their own, mixing in liberal doses of rock, blues, and Americana. In a world of knock-off country bands aiming for that new radio sound, this band keeps music like it should be, honest, straight- forward, and from the heart.

The Heart Stompers are Gina Dalmas, Gordon Bradley, Greg Wikle, Christopher May and Gabriel Baesen. The band recently welcomed their newest member, Gordon Bradley, in late 2018. With a new member and a new band name, the lineup shines with two and three part harmonies, switching off lead vocals and a wealth of new material.

The Heart Stompers

Artist Name: The Heart Stompers
Artist Website: https://www.theheartstompers.c om

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Genres: Alt-Country/Americana/Rock

Band Members:
Gina Dalmas, Gordon Bradley, Greg Wikle, Christopher May, Gabriel Baesen

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